No joke

I read a race report from last year’s Mt. Hood 50 miler yesterday and the ummm… it was brutal and sobering. It brought back some memories of Bull Run and the physical pain that I was in a couple of days after the race. Really the highs and the low low lows.

I think I’m actually in better shape now, but it’s time to knuckle down. Post haste.

I’ll be working to dial in my nutrition over the next 2 months and make sure I’m hydrating and eating on a regular schedule. I might just put a feed interval on a piece of tape on my forearm so that I can do what I told myself to do.

I’m also switching to an ultimate directions SJ vest instead of a single bottle and pouch. Both because of the ID debacle last weekend and because I need to carry more fluids/food/shell/arm warmers/beanie.  I used to carry 2 UD handhelds… but it actually wears out your upper body carrying full bottles over miles and miles.

I passed on Leadville 100 this year. A friend wanted me to come out and do the ride again… but I’ve already done it… maybe if I need a break from running in the future. I would rather to do the run. I had my reminders set and was ready to register on December 31… and thought long and hard about my motivation, realities of the stress of training and how bad I wanted it. How bad?  What are you willing to give up? How deep can you dig? Leadville is also a circus. I don’t want to drag a crew out there from OR, line up pacers and then f**k it up. A lower key 100 might be a better option. Cascade Crest looks good, but I’m not sure if I’ll be recovered from a 50 in July and then do a 100 in August. No. No way that’s happening.

The truth is also that I just can’t wrap my mind around the distance. I know it’s possible – for many people.  I can grok 3 10’s, I can grok 5 10’s – I know that pain. I cannot grok the 10th 10. Not right now. Mentally I could drop the hammer, but I’m not sure if my body would hold. I could break myself.  Maybe next year… the pain is going to be epic. Book of Job epic.

I want to see how I hold up on the 50 miler. It’s a good goal for this season.


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