Wahoo! First run of 2014.

Zip zip. Felt super-speedy today.  Anaerobic threshold coming down from OHSU.
Mile 5 felt like flying (6:42). Some days there is only heart, lung and muscle. Those days are pretty rad. Today was one of them.


“Hills are just speedwork in disguise”. – ?

I ran on Tuesday also and there were a few people out on the trail – maybe people starting their New Year’s resolutions early. I had a bit of that old competitive feeling with one other runner. He peeled off to the left around the rose garden when I went straight up to the visitor’s center. We then intersected at the playground and were both going up the MAC trail (to Wildwood). He saw me in his periphery no doubt.

He entered the singletrack first about 10 seconds before me and what did I do? I tracked him like a wounded animal. I hung back just slightly, but close enough that he knew I was there on the switchbacks, and let him self-destruct on the climb. At the top of the water tower he slowed to a walk, hung his head and moved off the trail.

I looked over and said, “move upside and let the man go through, let the man go through!” (Nah… but that’s what I was thinking) 🙂

Here’s to getting after it in 2014.

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