Went the wrong way into Juarez


Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 5.15.31 PM

No really. I got lost. Good lost, not bad lost.

I was looking at Google Maps before I left and noted that if I stayed on Naito Pkwy and take a left at Thurman, I’ll hit the Lower Macleay trailhead into Forest Park in about 6 miles. I missed the turn and ran about … half a mile past the turn, but the error put me on the wrong side of the freeway.  Some serious urban backtracking through an industrial area got me back on track. Also noted – the trailhead isn’t on Thurman, it’s on Upshur. If you stay on Thurman, you go over Balch Creek and through the neighborhood up to the Leif Erikson trailhead.

Not a big deal and I think I’ve got the route for the next time. I turned around on the way back and took a mental picture (the thing people did before Google Glass).

The good

Nutrition felt more dialed in – 1 Vanilla Clif shot at 45 mins (not really feeling hungry but ate anyway). Brought one bottle of watered down gatorade (still too strong).  Took half an almond butter and jelly sandwich and ate 2 bites at an hour and 30 mins. Not appetizing at all. Last food was caffeinated mocha Clif shot at mile 16.  I’ve felt a umm… speedbump around mile 17/18 on long runs in the past so I wanted to blunt it with some caffeine. It worked.

I practiced walking a little bit on some of the steep ups on the trail. Just power walking little sections. It allowed me to keep my arms in (instead of big uphill swings) and to keep my core warmer. It was in the high 30’s F today.

The bad

I was feeling not so great (physically) around mile 12 after the turnaround. I didn’t realize how much elevation there was just before the turnaround. Left hamstring was a little tight. I was being very tentative on the descents because I’m still in 4mm drop road shoes. I need some more traction in order to feel comfortable opening it up on the descents. Brooks Pure Grit trail shoes will be here in a few days.

The bonus

I could have gone another 6.2  to make it a full marathon. I got some kick back around mile 19. I was grinding it down, but feeling better than expected. Good stress on the system. Mentally:  “solide”.

Two thumbs up.


*I actually did take a wrong turn into Juarez once, but I wasn’t with Juanita. I ended up doing a u-turn and had to inch the car back into the line of traffic coming back into the U.S. Lots of explaining at the border crossing as I did not have my passport with me. I learned that it is not possible to just “take a look at the border” while driving toward the border… before you know it – you’ll find yourself in Mexico.

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