My name is Sue, how do you do!?

This is a really fun one from my hood up to the rose garden, over to the zoo, up council crest and then it bombs back down to PSU. This is the longest scenic loop I have in my list. For longer runs in the future I think I’ll take a right on wildwood and run past pittock mansion and continue out and back. I really don’t want to run south of Tabor.

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 4.41.07 PM

The good

  • I tried to keep my pace down and the engine firing about 60-70%. Trying to keep it LSD (long slow distance)
  • doubled  weekday distance which I think will be a good progression (20 mile weekly, 20 mile long run).
  • temperature was super. started with gloves on, then took them off after a couple miles, then put them back on coming down council crest (it was cold(er)up there).
  • there was blue sky! coming down council crest I had stop and take in the scenery for a sec. Sunlight glistening off moss covered trees – very beautiful.
  • Food intake was…. okay. 2 whole wheat fig newtons is all I carried. 1st @ 1 hour, 2nd at 1:50. Should have eaten at 45 minutes (right before I was hungry) and again at 1:30. Tough to get down with no water though. I ended up finding water on 6th? at a public water fountain.  Need to pick up some caffeinated gels.
  • Body glide was applied in all the right places. Only one small burn from my waist belt – but nowhere else.

The bad

  • super muddy climbing up from the zoo. No surprise, but really tough to run up 12.8% grade in slick mud (more of a speed/slip walk). I think I could be faster on the descents with more traction.
  • ARG! most of my regular city water fountain stops are turned off… Rose Garden – OFF, Zoo – OFF, Marquam Shelter – OFF. I ended up drinking warm water out of the zoo bathroom tap and then again somewhere around PSU. I really don’t want to carry a bottle – but I might need to switch to Cytomax or Accelerade for the longer runs.
  • Ow my shoulders. I’m going to need to lift or at least climb in the gym in the next two months to have the upper body strength to hold up my shoulders for a 50k.
  • Legs were mostly fine… the last 2 climbs up Salmon are always tough and feel really slow, but I’m usually not going that slow. Knees were a little sore coming down from the high point b/c I was really holding back because of the mud – so moving slow.

The Bonus

This came up somewhere around mile 13 and was absolutely perfect.
Made me think of my pop. I’ll call him tomorrow.

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