Frozen ocean of firs

Back to my home trails today.

St. Helens looked especially fetching from the turnaround. I could just make out the silhouettes of Adams and Rainier.  With the cloud level, anyone up top would have been treated to a lovely undercast and seen the other stratovolcanoes peeking out like islands north to south.

It’s quite simple really – spin a 360 from where you’re standing (helps to be outside). Over there! That looks like the highest point, right? Now run up it. YES!

One of my favorite runs in Albuquerque is the La Luz trail race. 9 miles from about 1,900m up to 3,200m. The race starts on tarmac for the culling before you enter the Cibola National Forest and hit the singletrack, then it’s a knife fight to pass people – you pretty much have to run them over (best to gain pole position on the road).  Good fun.

I saw one other runner this afternoon, about 2 miles past the MAC trail intersection. In those conditions (it was just under 30 degrees) the only thing to do is a nod and throw a low Harley wave. It’s the brotherhood (and the sisterhood). The further out you go, the smaller the tribe becomes. And the closer.

No matter how difficult it is to make it happen (whatever it is for you), if you take the first step – make it happen, you’ll find your tribe. I’ve found this to be true nearly every time with few exceptions. You’ll never find them sitting on your sofa reading the Twitters. Never.

Anyone who ever did anything worth doing  never felt the best course of action was follow the herd. Embrace your inner snowflake.  And…

DFW: “Try to learn to let what is unfair teach you.”
Me: But it’s just not fai….. sigh.

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