New Project

I’m working on something that I’m super-excited about.  Ideas have been percolating for over a year and I’ve been coding and designing off and on for about that long. It’s software, naturally.

I’m writing it in Scala using the Play Framework. There was a lot of start/stop last year. I started building it in Django (Python) and then was convinced to halt and look at Play. It’s going really well and I hope to have an MVP ready sometime in January. Still lots of details to work through – but it’s moving. Feels great.

Software product design can be such an amorphous “thing” but only succeeds through the synthesis of so many thoughts and ideas and conversations. I’ll try to write more about software product design and maybe use some anecdotes from this project as it gets further along.

It’s taken me a very, very long time to be back in a position where I felt excited about something I was building. I remember the early days of Clearwired in Albuquerque sitting at the Cherry Hills library in a study cube writing the first version of a CMS (Blend) that I went on to sell many times over.  It’s that second thought, that self-doubt that what you’re creating is good enough or that you have the requisite skills to “be creative”.

Sometimes it’s just the force of will to write the code, to solve a problem in a creative way. Good stuff. Creativity is work, it’s really that simple. Anyone who says otherwise is deluding themselves.

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